Verification Vs Validation software testing: what is the difference ?

As a software tester, you have probably been asked at one time or another about whether you are doing “Verification” or “Validation”. It is not always easy to explain the difference between these two terms. To make so, we have to ask the following questions: Validation: Are we building the right system? Verification: Are we building [...]

Intelligent Cars : Are they the future of connected health?

What if your doctor were a car, you think that it is insane? Wise up people, it is coming up upon us sooner than you think! Keyless Entry, Remote Starters…these great ideas have emerged from the human creativity and have been, nowadays, taken forward. Cars are from now on considered more than a transport mode: [...]

Business Intelligence Monitoring within SAP Solution Manager (2)

In a former article, we introduced Business Intelligence Monitoring within SAP Solution Manager. We chose in this post to explain in more details how SAP Business Intelligence system provides historical and predictive views of data to enable more effective decision making. From Star Schema to Info Cube The objective of data warehousing is to gather [...]

Development QA : Software testing and Code Coverage (2/2)

This article is a continuation of a previous post which introduced the use of Code coverage to recognize test scripts imperfections. In this post we will present some complex and useful code coverage metrics. Condition Coverage : (C2) The TRUE and the FALSE condition of each expression and sub-expression branch must be tested at least [...]

Business Intelligence Monitoring within SAP Solution Manager

SAP BI Monitoring

Business Intelligence Monitoring scenarios are very useful to business users to ensure retrieving up-to-date information from managed systems. By applying a proactive monitoring process, the most important performance data for monitored systems can be centrally displayed along with the progress over time in order to detect the deficiencies as early as possible. This purpose requires [...]

Innovation, automotive suppliers response to face the crisis

Slowing down of sales, reduction of production, lack of liquidity, downgraded perspectives, drastic social plan (PSA intends to eliminate 8,000 jobs in 2013 and 2014 in France) … The difficult environment for car manufacturers is all the more for automotive suppliers that rely heavily on the sector hence the urgent need for them to propose [...]

Focus briefly

Focus is an engineering and software Development Company specialized in IT Outsourcing and Nearshoring. Embedded software development, mobile application development and the development of solutions for data analysis and information systems.

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Free Testing pilot project

Want to test our testing and validation capabilities ?
We offer a free testing pilot project to show you our expertise and know-how.

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Our certifications

Certified ISO 9001:2008 and CMMI L3, FOCUS has made the commitment to quality the main vector of its offer of outsourcing software and computer services.

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Focus offers its expertise for the development and validation of the software layer for car radios, board computers, control systems, infotainment and multimedia systems.


By working with a major global player like NSN, we have developed a solid expertise in the development and support of mediation solutions and analysis of large volumes of data as well as subscriber management applications and decision support.

ERP and BI

Focus provides the technical and functional support for EPM & BI products SAP Business Objects in several languages (English, French, German and Italian). Focus also offers its services for the development of the module SAP Solution manager based on ABAP and SAP WebDynpro technologies .